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  Dumplings are not only made from pork and green onions, but also loved by everyone and celery meat. Today, we know about the positive effects of celery on human body.
  Medicinal value
  Nutritional components
  旱芹含有丰富的 维生素A、 维生素B1、 维生素B2、 维生素C和 维生素P,钙,铁,磷等矿物质含量也多,此外还有蛋白质、甘露醇和食物纤维等成分。
  Parsley is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and vitamin P, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other minerals, in addition to protein, mannitol and food fiber and other components.
  叶茎中还含有药效成分的芹菜苷、佛手苷内酯和挥发油,具有降血压、降血脂、防治 动脉粥样硬化的作用;对神经衰弱、月经失调、 痛风、 肌肉痉挛也有一定的辅助食疗作用;它还能促进胃液分泌,增加食欲。特别是老年人,由于身体活动量小、饮食量少、饮水量不足而易患大便干燥,经常吃点芹菜可刺激胃肠蠕动利于排便。
  There are also apigenin, bergenin lactone and volatile oil in the leaf stem, which can reduce blood pressure, blood lipid and prevent atherosclerosis; it also has certain auxiliary therapeutic effect on neurasthenia, menstrual disorder, gout and muscle spasm; it can also promote the secretion of gastric juice and increase appetite. Especially for the elderly, due to the small amount of physical activity, diet and water shortage, they are prone to dry stool. Regular eating of celery can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, which is conducive to defecation.
  1、芹菜镇静安神 芹菜的作用
  1. The effect of celery on calming the nerves从芹菜子中分离出的一种碱性成分,对动物有 镇静作用,对人体能起安定作用;芹菜甘或芹菜素口服能对抗可卡因引起的小鼠兴奋,有利于 安定情绪,消除烦躁。
  An alkaline component separated from celery seed has a calming effect on animals and a calming effect on human body; oral administration of celery gum or apigenin can resist the excitement of mice caused by cocaine, which is conducive to calming emotions and eliminating irritation.
  2. Celery for diuresis and detumescence
  芹菜含有 利尿有效成分,消除体内水钠潴留,利尿消肿。临床上以芹菜水煎有效率达85. 7%,可治疗乳糜尿。
  Celery contains effective ingredients of diuretic, eliminating body water and sodium retention, and diuresis * detumescence. In clinic, the effective rate of celery decoction is 85.7%, which can treat chyluria.
  3. Celery calms liver and reduces blood pressure芹菜含酸性的降压成分,对兔、犬静脉注射有明显降压作用;血管灌流可使血管扩张;用主动脉弓灌流法,它能对抗烟碱、山梗茶碱引起的升压反应,并可引起降压。临床对于原发性、妊娠性及更年期高血压均有效。
  Celery contains acid antihypertensive component, which has obvious antihypertensive effect on intravenous injection of rabbits and dogs; vascular perfusion can dilate blood vessels; with aortic arch perfusion method, it can resist the pressor reaction caused by nicotine and theophylline of pedicel, and can cause hypotension. It is effective for primary, gestational and climacteric hypertension.
  4. Celery nourishing blood and tonifying deficiency芹菜含铁量较高。
  Celery has high iron content.
  5. Celery heat clearing and detoxification春季气候干燥,人们往往感到口干舌燥气喘心烦,身体不适,常吃些芹菜有助于清热解毒,去病强身。肝火过旺,皮肤粗糙及经常失眠、头疼的人可适当多吃些。
  Spring climate is dry, people often feel dry mouth and tongue, asthma and upset, physical discomfort, often eat some celery to help clear away heat and detoxification, disease and health. People who have excessive liver fire, rough skin, insomnia and headache can eat more properly.
  6、 芹菜也是一种理想的绿色减肥食品。因为当你嘴巴里正在咀嚼芹菜的同时,你消耗的热能远大于芹菜给予你的能量。
  6. Celery is also an ideal green diet food. Because when you are chewing celery in your mouth, you consume far more heat than celery gives you.
  7. Celery against cancer and cancer
  High concentration can inhibit carcinogens produced by intestinal bacteria. It can also speed up the running time of feces in the intestine and reduce the contact between carcinogens and colon mucosa to prevent colon cancer.
  8. Celery refreshes wine and protects stomach芹菜属于高纤维食物,可以加快胃部的消化和排除,然后通过芹菜的利尿功能,把胃部的酒精通过尿液排出体外,以此缓解胃部的压力,起到醒酒保胃的效果。
  Celery is a kind of high fiber food, which can speed up the digestion and elimination of the stomach. Then, through the diuretic function of celery, the alcohol in the stomach is discharged from the body through the urine, so as to relieve the pressure on the stomach and have the effect of sobering up and protecting the stomach.
  9、芹菜甘或芹菜素口服能对抗可卡因引起的小鼠兴奋,有利于安定情绪,消除烦躁芹菜所含芹菜素有降压作用,其作用主要是通过颈动脉体化学感受器的反射作用而 引起。芹菜的生物碱提取物对动物有镇静作用。用于肝经有热,肝阳上亢,烦热不安,眩晕;热淋,尿浊,小便不利或尿血;月经先期;胃热呕逆,饮食减少。现代用于高血压病、乳糜尿等。
  9. Oral administration of apigenin or apigenin can antagonize the excitement of mice caused by cocaine, which is good for calming down the mood and eliminating the irritability of apigenin. Its effect is mainly caused by the reflex action of carotid body chemoreceptor. The alkaloid extract of celery has sedative effect on animals. It is used for liver meridian with heat, hyperactivity of liver Yang, restlessness, dizziness, heat drenching, turbid urine, poor urination or blood urination, menstruation in advance, stomach heat and nausea, and reduced diet. Modern used for hypertension, chyluria and so on.
  10. Celery whitening and skin care
  芹菜是高 纤维食物,它经肠内消化作用产生一种木质素或肠内脂的物质,这类物质是一种 抗氧化剂,常吃芹菜,可以有效的帮助皮肤抗衰老达到美白 护肤的功效。
  Celery is a kind of high fiber food. It is digested in intestine to produce a kind of lignin or intestinal fat substance. This kind of substance is an antioxidant. Eating celery often can effectively help skin resist aging and achieve the effect of whitening and skin care.
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